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W/Q: Xuseen Adan Cige (Deyr),

Mahad oo dhammi waxay u sugnaatay Rabbigeenna Weyn ee inaga dhigay dad Muslim ah ee weliba inaga dhaliyey ummadda aynu nahay ee Jam. Somaliland.

Waxaan hambalyo iyo bogaadin baaaxad leh u dirayaa dhammaanba ummadda Sharafta iyo Karaamada leh ee Jam. Somaliland, gudaha dalka iyo daafaha duniba, taasoo aan ugu hambalyeynayo Sannad-guurada 30-aad ee maalinta Qarannimada Jam. Somaliland. Sidoo kale Waxaan dhammaanba ummadda Jam. Somaliland ku hambalyeynayaa sida dadnimada iyo dal-jacaylkaba leh ee ay u xurmeeyaan una weyneeyaan maalinta Qarannimadeena ee 18-ka May.

Waxa ah dhacdo caajaa’ib ah habka iyo qaabka ummadda Jam. Somaliland ay u xusaan una xurmeeyaan maalinta Qarannimada ee 18-ka May taasoo ayna cidna la wadaagin oo ay gebi ahaanba kaga duwan yihiin ummadaha kale.

Bal u fiirso muwaadin, ummadda Jam. Somaliland waa ummadda keliya ee awoodda u leh inay maalinta qarannimadooda uga dabaal-degaan SHANTA QAARADOOD ee Dunidu ka kooban tahay!! Arrintani waxay 18-ka May ka dhigtay dhacdo bulsho oo caalami ah (Worldwide event).

Tusaale ahaan sannadkii 2019-kii waxaa qabsoomay in ka badan 72 xafladood oo looga dabbaal-degayo laguna xusay 18-ka May, kuwaasoo ka dhacay in ka badan 40 dal oo ah daafaha dunida oo dhan.

Ummadda awoodda intaa leeg leh ee maalinta qarannimadooda dunida oo dhan uga dabaal degaya, waxaan aaminsanahay in aanu aqoonsigu waxba kala maqnayn, mar haddii ay iyagu isku aqoonsan yihiin inay yihiin Qaran iyo Ummad jirta oo la yidhaa JAMHUURIYADDA SOMALILAND.

Wa Billaahi Tawfiiq,

Somaliland Guul iyo Horumar,

Xuseen Adan Cige (Deyr)


“The Republic of Somaliland has terrifically proven that it’s Statehood and Independence REST ON UNSHAKABLE FOUNDATION.”

It is the 30th Anniversary of REGAINING of the independence of our great nation: the Republic of Somaliland. From the international outlook, the overall standing and impression of the Republic of Somaliland as a peaceful country and beacon of democracy is growing by the day.


The yearly celebrations of 18th of May become ingenious and broadly held World-wide celebrations. It is a highly valued and particularly important Day of National Pride for all peace-loving Somaliland citizens around the world, young and old, at home and abroad. The 18th of May is THE DAY OF REDEMPTION WHEN SOMALILAND REGAINED the once lost freedom and independence of our great nation.

A sense of nationhood and togetherness, solidarity and unity, national pride, patriotism and citizenship vibes among Somaliland citizens (at home and abroad), are the extraordinary features that associate with the celebrations of this unforgettable day of 18th May of every year.

The 18th of May is also an exceptional DAY TO REMEMBER AND HONOUR TO ALL THOSE MARTYRS who lost their lives not only for defending the existence, dignity and name of their own people but also for the realization of the roots and foundation of our most cherished asset that we have today; the Republic of Somaliland.


Since its withdrawal from 1960 voluntary Union with Somalia-Italiana on May 18th 1991, the Republic of Somaliland had worked tirelessly towards a country where everyone can lead a peaceful and productive life. Somaliland has succeeded to create a sense of ownership and nationhood among all its citizens which safeguarded a sustained peace and stability of the country.

Equally, Somaliland has succeeded to nurture a peaceful and amicable coexistence among the people of neighbouring countries through executing an open and affable foreign policy which has benefited all equally.

Somaliland has held 6 times internationally monitored democratic elections, at local, parliamentary and presidential level. The people of the Republic of Somaliland have shown to the outside world their value, belief and exceptional quality with respect to dealing with democratic norms and values.

Somaliland’s peaceful coexistence and democracy project is something emerging from native grassroots rather than being imposed from outside or being realised by the gun point.

In political, historical, geographical and legal terms, the Republic of Somaliland has tremendously met all the criteria’s and requirements that are necessary to qualify for international recognition as a separate country. The people of Somaliland should have been rewarded for their democratic credentials, peace and sustained stability in a challenging and volatile region.

The Republic of Somaliland has beyond every doubt demonstrated throughout its credentials, democratic achievements and sustained stability a belief in a constructive engagement in international issues for peace and security development.

I believe the international community is making a serious mistake by ignoring the reality on the ground in the Horn of Africa. Unfortunately, Somaliland and its people became the victims of a world of double standards. The people of Somaliland have tested the real benefits and value of the independence, freedom, peace and democracy. They will never join again whatsoever a union with Somalia at the cost of their independence and freedom.

The Republic of Somaliland has once again shown that its statehood and independence rest on solid foundations of peace, stability, rule of law, democracy and respecting fundamental human rights which no one will be able to shake it.

To all those who are undermining the existence and essence of 18th of May, to Somaliland antagonist, whoever they are and wherever they might be, they should keep in mind that Somaliland today is not only irreversible but it is also indestructible by your devilish and cruel conspiracies. They should know that the birth of this great nation ‘the Republic of Somaliland’ came forth through the sacrifice, bloodshed and tears of an oppressed and exploited people who found freedom as they had endured the pain and despair suffered at the hands of the former dictator and his cohorts.

No matter whatever happens next but one thing is certain:

1) The dignity and independence of the people of Somaliland has no price!
2) The self-determination and the incredible perseverance of the HEROIC PEOPLE of Somaliland will ultimately prevail!

Finally, I would like to congratulate to all Somaliland fellow citizens (both at home and abroad) for Somaliland’s 30th Anniversary of regaining of our Independence. I wish you all a peaceful and prosperous 18th May celebration.

ALLAH bless and protect the people
By Hussein Deyr

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