SHAQO BANAAN Senior Qualitative Expert, USAID/Somalia Monitoring, Verification and Reporting Project,
February 10, 2020 - Written by admin

Senior Qualitative Expert, USAID/Somalia Monitoring, Verification and Reporting Project, 

Location: Kenya


Proposal Objective

SI is pursuing a bid for an upcoming USAID/KEA single holder award under an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract for the provision of Monitoring, Verification, and Reporting (MV&R) activities through the five-year USAID/Somalia MV&R Activity Task Order. The activity aims to verify and report on activities carried out by Implementing Partners (IPs) across Somalia, through the delivery of timely, analytical, qualitative, and quantitative information. Through visits to USAID/Somalia supported activity sites. The findings derived from monitoring and verification information must be backed with evidence and reported to USAID in a manner that allows activity managers to understand the successes and challenges on the ground quickly, and to take prompt action if needed.

Position Summary

SI seeks a full-time Nairobi-based Senior Qualitative Expert to manage the development, collection, analysis, and presentation of qualitative information. He/she will ensure qualitative data collection and analysis is a significant part of the MV&R process. The Senior Qualitative Expert is expected to travel frequently to Somalia to directly interact with project beneficiaries through key informant interviews, focus groups, among other activities. Additionally, the Expert will conduct ad hoc site visits or plan to conduct ad hoc qualitative research by USAID.


  • Provide technical leadership and oversight in drafting the qualitative sections of the MV&R reports for each round.
  • Develop (in consultation with USAID) tools and protocols to capture relevant qualitative data, which will yield rich qualitative information across each activity.
  • Orient USAID staff/field staff/subcontractors on the new/revised qualitative data collection tools, and protocols.
  • Review, analyze, and synthesize qualitative data to ensure logical inferences and conclusions are drawn from the findings.
  • Triangulate MV&R findings with routine program and evaluation data to provide further insight into program effectiveness and identify opportunities for learning.

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